Corporate Branded Furniture

As a specialist in upholstered furniture we can also manufacture leather upholstery with your own logo or corporate branding. We can produce chairs and other upholstered furniture in a range of colours to fit in with your own brand.


Why not make a lasting impression with a truely unique piece of furniture that is a lasting, high quality representation of your corporate brand.


branded furniture with corporate logo


Embroidering of your logo...


Embroidery of your logo is very impressive looking when added to leather upholstery. It can be applied to desk chairs, visitor chairs along with wing chairs and other modern upholstery. With some designs we can also offer multiple colour threads.



Embroidered logos on furniture branded
We start by taking your own logo and redrawing its as a design suitable for embroidery We then run a sample to test the design on the leather and make any necessary changes When the design is approved we embroider the leather ready to be upholstered onto your chosen chair We can offer a wide variety of leather choices, chair designs and thread colours to suit your specific corporate brand



Chairs with logo branding




Foil embossing of your logo...


For some leathers and for a different look, we also offer foil or blind embossing of your logo. Below are some examples of how the foil embossing is done.


Embossing logos on furniture brand


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