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Many customers that have visited our factory showroom have been so pleasantly suprised by the quality of our furniture and how it has been hand made within our own factory by our own team of experienced craftsmen. It is often pointed out that they did not realise what goes into the making of our furniture and the lengths that we go to in order to offer such a beautiful quality product.

upholstered desk chairs hand made in england

Below you will see some photographs taken from the production of our Captains Desk chair, but all of our upholstery undergoes the sample level of attention, quality control and care.

upholstery checking the leather

Firstly all of our leather hides are checked for any insect bites or holes that can not be used. These are then marked with upholsterers chalk to make sure they are avoided when cutting the patterns for the chair.

upholstery cutting from patterns

Patterns are then laid out onto the leather hides and then cut out by hand.

upholstery machining the leather]

Once the patterns have been cut from the leather they are then machined ready for the upholsters to upholster to the frames.

upholstery button making

Each of the buttons on the chairs need to be cut, skivered on a machine to remove the bottom layer from the leather (this enables the buttons to be pressed into the button moulds, otherwise it would be too thick to work with). This is a timely job but again shows the quality of our traditional production.

polishing of the frames#

All of the show wood parts of the frames are sanded, stained, sealed, lacquered to give a beautiful deep finish to our chair frames.

upholstery cutting the foam,

The foam is then cut and glued by hand.

how our furniture is upholstered by hand

The frames are polished on site and are then given with the cut pattens and buttons to the upholsterer whom will then upholster the chair.

Upholstery single stud nailing

Every stud nail on the job is individually hammered by hand. We do not use the strip nails often used by makers nowadays.

Upholstered buttons tied by hand

Behind the buttons you can see each one has been individually tied by hand.

Antiquing of the leather

Once the chair has been fully upholstered, the leather then needs to be hand antiqued. This process gives the lighter effect to the centre of the diamonds giving the aged look to the furniture. Once this process has taken place, it is then lacquered to seal the leather and the base is then fixed to the chair.

How captains chairs are made

This gives you an idea of what actually goes into producing just one chair. Many other processes are involved which have not been shown above but are also carried out from the making of the 5 leg base and assembily to the upholstered top. The assembily of the frames and fixings of the castors and other components. For more information or for a leather sample, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

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