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How are our frames made?  

How our frames are made Chesterfield

Many customers that have visited our factory showroom have been so pleasantly suprised by the quality of our furniture and how it has been hand made within our own factory by our own team of experienced craftsmen. It is often pointed out that they did not realise what goes into the making of our furniture and the lengths that we go to in order to offer such a beautiful quality product.

Beech or birch timber for frame making

Our fully upholstered frames, such as our Chesterfield Sofas, Wing Chairs, Tub Chairs, Chaise Longue, etc are all manufactured in the same way as you will see in the following steps. We only use solid birch and beech timer in the making of our upholstery frames. Our frames are produced to the highest standards using the high quality materials ensuring a high quality construction.

Frame components milled by handsolid timber components for frame making

Are frames are all cut by hand and then machined so that they can be joined in a number of ways. Many of the components will be put through a spindle moulder so that they are tounge and grooved when it comes to assembily. They will then be glued and pinned. Other components will be drilled by hand then glued and dowelled and then finally screwed. This ensures that the frames remain strong and sturdy during their life as an upholstered piece of furniture.

frame components drilled by hand

We do not use state of the art modern machinery. All of the processes involved are carried out using standard tools such as hand drills, saws, chisels, wood plainers and sand paper. Above you will see the holes being drilled by hand ready for dowels. This is a sign of a quality piece of furniture when joins have been made using glue and dowels along with screws and pinning.

frames are glued and dowelled

All of the components are individually produced and assembled and carried out by hand.

components for the frames are cut on a band saw

Each individual component for each of the frames must be cut out by hand on a band saw. This is a highly skilled task that is carried out by our experienced team of cabinet and frame makers.

components for frame making

timber cut by saw for frame making


This gives you an idea of what actually goes into producing just one frame. Many other processes are involved which have not been shown. For more information or for a quotation, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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