History of Georgian and Regency furniture

This is just a brief introduction to the history of the Georgian and Regency Period. As these are the two periods of furniture that we offer within our product range.

Georgian period 1745-1830
The Georgian period was split into three time slots:

Early Georgian 1714 - 1760
Mid Georgian 1760 - 1790
Late Georgian 1760 - 1830

This period was known as the 'Golden Age' of English Cabinet Making. This period was represented by the following designers:

William Kent (1685 - 1748)
Thomas Chippendale (1718 - 1779)
Robert Adam (1728 - 1792)
George Hepplewhite (1760 - 1790)
Thomas Sheraton (1751 - 1806)

The Georgian period followed the Queen Ann period which was present between 1702 - 1714.

Around the mid 1740's the 'Break Front' Library Bookcases were introduced.

Regency period 1800-1830

During the Regency period it was fashionable to copy the classical furniture of the Roman and Greek times. Furniture had stopped evolving in design and had moved back to classical forms. The designers who represented this period were:

Thomas Hope (1770-1831)
George Smith (1804-28)
Henry Holland (1745 - 1806)

George IV had a major influence over the furniture makers of the time.

This period saw the introduction of brass to wood from the previous marquetry that had been originally used. The sofa table was also introduced.

The main features of the Regency priod furniture were their simplicity, with straight, unbroken surfaces and lines.

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