Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield Sofa
A1 Furniture has been specialising in Fine Quality handmade Leather Chesterfields since 1962. We offer a range of different Chesterfield Collections to suit your needs, taste and budget. Right from our Top of the range Oxford Chesterfield Sofas to our lower priced Chelsea Chesterfield Collection, our suites are all traditionally hand made by our own experienced craftsmen within our factory in Enfield (North London).
We can also manufacture to your size specifications - (Click a Chesterfield below to view the collection)

OXFORD Chesterfield Sofa

OXFORD Chesterfield Sofa

This Chesterfield collection is the top of the range suite with 4 rows of buttoning and the option of piped and pleated arms. This is by far the most prestigeous and classical of the Chesterfield Designs

Windsor Chesterfield Sofa

WINDSOR Chesterfield Sofa

With 3 rows of buttoning and a less detailed design this Chesterfield Suite is one of our most popular collections. Based very closely on the Oxford design this suite is a Favorite

CHELSEA Chesterfield Sofa
CHELSEA Chesterfield Sofa

This squared back Chesterfield collection is ideal where space is limited. This is a very good value design of chesterfield

KENSINGTON Chesterfield Sofa

KENSINGTON Chesterfield Sofa

One of the most stunning designs, this Chesterfield Suite offers the elegant sweeping arms with the solid turned legs of brass castors

Carlton Chesterfield Chairs & Sofas
CARLTON Chesterfield Sofa

Beautiful and petite Chesterfield sofa and chair design on tapered legs with plain platform seat

Arabella Chesterfield Sofas and Chairs

ARABELLA Chesterfield Sofa

Traditional Chesterfield sofa and chair design on tapered legs and narrow arms

CLASSIC TUB Chesterfield Sofa

CLASSIC TUB Collection

A very popular Occasional, Office and Contract suite the Classic Tub Chesterfield presents a beautiful classical option for a more formal presentation

Abbot Club Chesterfield

ABBOT CLUB Chesterfield Sofa

This petite Chesterfield suite has plain back with beautiful solid tapered legs.
Oxford Bed Chesterfield Sofa
OXFORD BED Chesterfield Sofa

The Classical Chesterfield design that incorporates a 3 fold bed action, 2 and 3 seat options available

MAYFAIR Chesterfield Sofa

MAYFAIR Chesterfield Sofa

This high back Chesterfield is popular for those who want increased back support. This is a grand design of Chesterfield

ROYAL WING Chesterfield Sofa

ROYAL WING Chesterfield Sofa

This suite is based on our most popular Royal Wing Chair collection with the 2 and 3 seater options available
London Chesterfield Sofa
LONDON Chesterfield Sofa

This classical style of sofa and chair makes a stunning feature with its curved arms and shaped back

Winston Chesterfield Chair and Sofas

Pelelope Chesterfield Sofa
PENELOPE Chesterfield Sofa
Officer Chesterfield Sofa
OFFICER Chesterfield Sofa

NOTTING HILL Chesterfield Sofa

NOTTING HILL Chesterfield Sofa

A new edition to the Chesterfield collections the Notting Hill offers a more contemporary style to the Classic English Chesterfield. Modern design - traditional handmade quality
CAMBRIDGE Chesterfield Sofa
CAMBRIDGE Chesterfield Sofa

This Chesterfield sofa collection is based on the Kensington design with the full boarder base like the Traditional Chesterfield designs

If you are within driving distance, please contact us to arrange an appointment to come and see how our Chesterfield suites are manufactured. You will have the unique opportunity to see how the hides are carefully selected and the patterns cut. The patterns are then sewn ready for being upholstered over the solid frame. By seeing what is involved in the production process you can fully appreciate the work involved in our traditional hand made furniture. This is an opportunity that you will not usually be able to experience when buying your Chesterfield suite.

You will also see the finer details; how we manufacture the buttons individually by hand, how every nail is individually hammered to make this quality upholstered furniture. Our Chesterfield Upholstery is of the highest quality and should be seen to be fully appreciated. As you will see from the prices, our Chesterfield sofas are very good value for the quality and this process of traditional making. Our prices are kept so low because you are buying direct from the manufacturer, rather than going through a third party.

If you require a special size we can manufacture to your own specifications by increasing or decreasing the width of our Chesterfield sofas by one diamond at a time.

To arrange your appointment to visit us please contact us on 020 8443 2827.

If you you require any colour samples of leather please contact us and we shall send you a cutting straight from the hide.

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